Making fresh breadcrumbs from stale baguettes.

Did your baguette not keep as fresh as you would have wanted it to? Well,  the problem is … that’s just how baguettes tend to be, best eaten on the same day.

SO..if you were one of those who didn’t get ’round to eating your fresh baguette on the same day (or next!), then why not turn them into handy and fresh breadcrumbs??




Here’s how to turn your dry baguette into breadcrumbs in less than 15 minutes. You will need a food processor.

Let’s first rewind for one sec. Have you tried the ‘door knocking’ test to see if the baguette replies to you with a hollow sound? If yes and your fully satisfied it’s completely dry, carry on reading. If yes but it doesn’t sound quite dry, then leave it out for another day or two to dry properly then come back to read on.

So..we are satisfied that our baguettes are dry. Let’s follow these 3 simple steps to make some breadcrumbs out of them!

Step 1. break the baguette(s) into smaller, more manageable pieces (ones that will fit into your food processor). If you’re starting to feel defeated by the baguette, try using a knife to stab into it and break it much more easily into pieces. Please make sure that you don’t hurt anyone around you!!

Step 2. bring out the food processor and place enough bread chunks in until full. Start blitzing until the bread is completely ground and continue placing more bread chunks each time. Repeat this process until all your bread chunks have been ground, removing some breadcrumbs if you need more space.

Step 3. now it’s time to think about the longevity and freshness of your breadcrumbs. If you frequently use breadcrumbs in your cooking, my advice would be to simply store them all into a jar or two. If however your don’t tend to use them so frequently, I’d recommend you freeze some of them. You can do that by placing them into freezer bags and simply popping them into the freezer until you need them. They freeze really well!!

Tip: you can make breadcrumbs with pretty much any type of bread. I once made breadcrumbs from quinoa and seed crackers which I wasn’t too keen on, and they got used up just fine as breadcrumbs!


4 Comments Add yours

  1. chefkreso says:

    That’s a great way to get breadcrumbs, I do it once a month 😁


    1. Great stuff @chefkreso! I like to use the breadcrumbs when I make veggie burgers, to make the burgers firmer! Where do you tend to use the breadcrumbs?

      Liked by 1 person

      1. chefkreso says:

        I use them mostly when making cordon bleu 🙂


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