Pak choi? no! Tatsoi.

Just when I thought the only name for it was pak choi, I was surprised to find out that a particular variety of pak choi is known as tatsoi.

Tatsoi, also known as rosette pak choi is a type of brassica with good tolerance to low temperatures, has spoon-shaped leaves (smaller than those of its cousin pak choi), and tastes mildly mustardy.

First attempt to have a go at growing tatsoi. so far so good, flavour is good and they are still alive. boom!

Sowing: I scattered some tatsoi seeds straight out, over the soil with some organic compost mixed in, on 25 September 16. The seeds sprouted in just a couple of weeks, with a good sprouting success rate. This variety of brassica is suitable for sowing between July-October.

Pest control: To avoid the use of organic slug pellets, I used the clever anti slug collars shown in the picture. They work wonderfully as the slugs cannot climb inside the collar without falling down. I would highly recommend them, you can get them online – I got mine from The Organic Catalogue here for a reasonable price.

Harvesting: Two months after sowing, I started harvesting the tatsoi in small amounts, picking the larger outer leaves first. Tatsoi is a type of ‘cut and grow’ plant so the more you cut the more room it has to grow and so long as it doesn’t bolt, it should grow back and give you more. The normal harvesting period for tatsoi is September-December.

If you’re planning to grow tatsoi, good luck and do get in touch if you have any questions. If you’ve grown it before, let me know how it worked for you!




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